Monday, March 18, 2013

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Farmingdales 1st St.Patricks Day Parade

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and im sure quite a few of you are feeling the effects of a long day yesterday.. I know i am..from painting my kitchen though..heheh..Seriously thats why im hurting. Well i wanted to share with you a few pictures from the parade idid go to in my home town of Farmingdale. It was the first one that they have had and it turned out to be a great day and there were so many people who came down to support it..People were all dressed up showing off there Green hair, shirts, gloves, sneakers and even some of the dogs were dressed up to. What was also cool about it was that after the parade they had a bounce house for the kids and our Fire Dep,( where my hubby is a volunteer)  had potato soup& there was cotten candy also. I was just a great day for the kids to run around and get some energy out!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Truth...I love this

This is just a picture I fell in LOVE with! There is no ryme or reason for it no story behind it i just wanted to share it so you could see it..i found this on my google+ from +Alison Thurston  It just belongs on my page as well as

Friday, March 15, 2013

The BEST To Do List ever!

OMG in searching around and reading other peoples blogs i have come across the coolest to do list i have ever seen.. (Thank you to and that's where i found it) its very funny and i would love to see some of this stuff actually done! So the next time my friends come over i might actually try a few of theses things esp #1..HAHAHAHA that's freaking awesome don't ya think????

# 4 is something i would do also..heheh i think that's a great way to make everybody laugh and i have the perfect person to have do

#6 is another one i would love to try, could you imagine being in the middle of the connivance store and some duff running in and asks you what year it was.. only to start screaming "IT WORKED" i think i would fall on the floor laughing at the reaction on peoples face's... 

What do you think? Would you try any of these things.. You only live once..try your best to make them some crazy adventures..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Glue Sticks & Kids.....

So here i am wondering what topic im going to write about..Well when you have kids there definitely are a wide array of topics you can choose from and tonight is..Glue Sticks..My youngest son has been very into printing out pictures from the Internet and hanging then up on his wall.. And to be honest i have no problem with this. He loves to print out sports pictures of the Jets. So tonight i go into his room and there were some new ones on the wall and here is how the conversation went:

me: WOW your room looks great

he says : thanks mom i have so many cool pictures

me: ok can you do me a favor and not tape anymore up and this weekend we will organize them, and make it look neat...

he says: ok mommy ... they are not all taped, some of them are glued to the wall..i want to keep them there forever

me: WHAT?!?!?!?!? what did you use to GLUE them to the wall with????

he says: the glue stick mommy....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It was a good weekend...

So the hubby and i have not had any time with each other in a long time..Par for the course..we are parents and thats the way it is! But we decided during the week that WE were gonna go on a date! lol yup.. a date! We started the evening out by eating dinner a panera..  i had a soup and salad, they have the BEST steak and blue cheese salad and the creamy tomato soup with bread on the side.. ohhh yeah it going right to my but who was good.. The hubby had a bread bowl with broccoli and cheese soup.. We actually got to sit and  have grown up conversation..heheh as opposed to talking to the dog or an 8yr old all night.. It was really vey nice..I love the fact that our kids are getting older because we dont have to be on top of them all the time and we are less stressed!

A friend of mine said to me that now they the kids are getting older and they dont have to be on top of them every min of every hour that her and her husband have to learn how to have conversation all over again, and boy is that true, but i find it fun and refreshing.

Any way after dinner we went to the movies to see Die Hard..and by the way the movies are not cheap anymore..
Seriously it was a pretty penny but worth and the drinks were ginormous!!

Ok so i love popcorn, and i like it with alot of butter on it lol ya know the healthy way..heheh anyway he comes back with 2 medium drinks(1 litter each) and the biggest popcorn bucket i have ever seen(and it was a medium also) But the best part was this stuff you sprinkle on top ..Kettle Corn flavor...OHHHHHH MY GOD!! It was finger licking good...every time we finished a layer of popcorn we added more to it!!.(like a billion calories)

Needless to say it was great to have a night with the hubby and i highly recommend getting out of the house with out the kids every once in a while before you look like this...

Ok friends ill see ya on the flip side and stay crazy my friends life is to short to sit on your ass and be well sometimes thats good to..

Monday, March 11, 2013

The awww he looks like a wet.....

Ok so it was time once again to give the dog a BATH..yes he was stinky! lol, I dread this because it usually involves me getting a bath also. And to be quite honest hes not a fan of it either. But it had to be done..

This is not a happy puppy, he would not even look at me before it he looked every way but at me and then tried to book out the door, and if you can tell its not open but he was willing it to open!!

 Once he was in the bath he never moved
it was like he was glued to the floor or something
I swear he was waiting for me to just let out one big shake, ya know the kind that wets the entire bathroom along with you..

        I know what your thinking and you can say it ..                                                                           HOLY SHIT HE LOOKS LIKE A RAT
But you have to admit he is one cute puppy once hes clean!!

Ohhhh Yea Baby

Ohhh yeah.. i am slowley but surly figuring this blogging thing out and i now have tabs!! I will be adding photos that i like on here and i will be adding some recipies that i think are good and you might like to try also sooooo stay tuned to this Crazyness i call my life andyou might just learn a thing or two..

If you have anything you would like to share please feel free to do so...
Much Love...