Monday, March 18, 2013

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Farmingdales 1st St.Patricks Day Parade

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and im sure quite a few of you are feeling the effects of a long day yesterday.. I know i am..from painting my kitchen though..heheh..Seriously thats why im hurting. Well i wanted to share with you a few pictures from the parade idid go to in my home town of Farmingdale. It was the first one that they have had and it turned out to be a great day and there were so many people who came down to support it..People were all dressed up showing off there Green hair, shirts, gloves, sneakers and even some of the dogs were dressed up to. What was also cool about it was that after the parade they had a bounce house for the kids and our Fire Dep,( where my hubby is a volunteer)  had potato soup& there was cotten candy also. I was just a great day for the kids to run around and get some energy out!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Truth...I love this

This is just a picture I fell in LOVE with! There is no ryme or reason for it no story behind it i just wanted to share it so you could see it..i found this on my google+ from +Alison Thurston  It just belongs on my page as well as

Friday, March 15, 2013

The BEST To Do List ever!

OMG in searching around and reading other peoples blogs i have come across the coolest to do list i have ever seen.. (Thank you to and that's where i found it) its very funny and i would love to see some of this stuff actually done! So the next time my friends come over i might actually try a few of theses things esp #1..HAHAHAHA that's freaking awesome don't ya think????

# 4 is something i would do also..heheh i think that's a great way to make everybody laugh and i have the perfect person to have do

#6 is another one i would love to try, could you imagine being in the middle of the connivance store and some duff running in and asks you what year it was.. only to start screaming "IT WORKED" i think i would fall on the floor laughing at the reaction on peoples face's... 

What do you think? Would you try any of these things.. You only live once..try your best to make them some crazy adventures..

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Glue Sticks & Kids.....

So here i am wondering what topic im going to write about..Well when you have kids there definitely are a wide array of topics you can choose from and tonight is..Glue Sticks..My youngest son has been very into printing out pictures from the Internet and hanging then up on his wall.. And to be honest i have no problem with this. He loves to print out sports pictures of the Jets. So tonight i go into his room and there were some new ones on the wall and here is how the conversation went:

me: WOW your room looks great

he says : thanks mom i have so many cool pictures

me: ok can you do me a favor and not tape anymore up and this weekend we will organize them, and make it look neat...

he says: ok mommy ... they are not all taped, some of them are glued to the wall..i want to keep them there forever

me: WHAT?!?!?!?!? what did you use to GLUE them to the wall with????

he says: the glue stick mommy....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It was a good weekend...

So the hubby and i have not had any time with each other in a long time..Par for the course..we are parents and thats the way it is! But we decided during the week that WE were gonna go on a date! lol yup.. a date! We started the evening out by eating dinner a panera..  i had a soup and salad, they have the BEST steak and blue cheese salad and the creamy tomato soup with bread on the side.. ohhh yeah it going right to my but who was good.. The hubby had a bread bowl with broccoli and cheese soup.. We actually got to sit and  have grown up conversation..heheh as opposed to talking to the dog or an 8yr old all night.. It was really vey nice..I love the fact that our kids are getting older because we dont have to be on top of them all the time and we are less stressed!

A friend of mine said to me that now they the kids are getting older and they dont have to be on top of them every min of every hour that her and her husband have to learn how to have conversation all over again, and boy is that true, but i find it fun and refreshing.

Any way after dinner we went to the movies to see Die Hard..and by the way the movies are not cheap anymore..
Seriously it was a pretty penny but worth and the drinks were ginormous!!

Ok so i love popcorn, and i like it with alot of butter on it lol ya know the healthy way..heheh anyway he comes back with 2 medium drinks(1 litter each) and the biggest popcorn bucket i have ever seen(and it was a medium also) But the best part was this stuff you sprinkle on top ..Kettle Corn flavor...OHHHHHH MY GOD!! It was finger licking good...every time we finished a layer of popcorn we added more to it!!.(like a billion calories)

Needless to say it was great to have a night with the hubby and i highly recommend getting out of the house with out the kids every once in a while before you look like this...

Ok friends ill see ya on the flip side and stay crazy my friends life is to short to sit on your ass and be well sometimes thats good to..

Monday, March 11, 2013

The awww he looks like a wet.....

Ok so it was time once again to give the dog a BATH..yes he was stinky! lol, I dread this because it usually involves me getting a bath also. And to be quite honest hes not a fan of it either. But it had to be done..

This is not a happy puppy, he would not even look at me before it he looked every way but at me and then tried to book out the door, and if you can tell its not open but he was willing it to open!!

 Once he was in the bath he never moved
it was like he was glued to the floor or something
I swear he was waiting for me to just let out one big shake, ya know the kind that wets the entire bathroom along with you..

        I know what your thinking and you can say it ..                                                                           HOLY SHIT HE LOOKS LIKE A RAT
But you have to admit he is one cute puppy once hes clean!!

Ohhhh Yea Baby

Ohhh yeah.. i am slowley but surly figuring this blogging thing out and i now have tabs!! I will be adding photos that i like on here and i will be adding some recipies that i think are good and you might like to try also sooooo stay tuned to this Crazyness i call my life andyou might just learn a thing or two..

If you have anything you would like to share please feel free to do so...
Much Love...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seasick --the feeling your going to die with the realization that your not



OMG , I have to tell you all about our small family vacation that we went on! We had been planning this cruise for a few months and hell i know it was a 2 day thing and 9t was the middle of February but its a vacation..with alll ffree food..kinda! the morning starts off with me getting up very early cause 1 im so excited i can not wait and 2 i have to get the pups out and feed and  to the sitter,feed the cat, the Bearded dragon make sure all laundry was done dishes away all before 8 am! ehhhh thats a normal thing for me every morning, without taking the pups to the sitter every morning, that's only a vacation thing. OK now that that's done we need i need to get the kids up and make sure they are ready to walk out the door because i don't want the hubby to get upset! Cause travel with him can be kinda tricky and i have learned over the years that getting kids totally ready to walk out the door so when he is ready to go we just getting the car..YES ITS ALOT OF WORK to get out of the house and that was all before 9 am!!! So now  2we get to our meeting place and meet up with the rst of the crew who is going on this shindig and get on the bus..AHHHHH im so ready for this a family vacation!!! Bus ride there was uneventful and that was good, when pull up to the SHIP and OMG its HUGEEEEE!!! We are all just ready to get on the ship. So now my Hubby myself and the 2 boys and all of our luggage(yes i know its only 2 days but i need options) i need theses shoes with this shirt and those shoes with that pair of pants..heheeh my oldest had a bag so small i was wondering if he packed all he needed.. and for my youngest i packed his bag. My Hubby on the other hand has turned into a girl in the past few trips and took everything he owns 17 pair of socks 12 pair underwear every tee shirt and pants he owns.. LMAO so we get on the ship and wow there are hundreds of people looking the same way we did WHERE DO WE GO??? So like every normal family with children you head straight to the ..Food with luggage in tow..So we make our wy through the crowd and look for a place to sit and well guess what the only tables that were open were for 3 year olds so what do we do we plop our asses down into the seats and gooo ahhhhhh ok no what to eat..hubby scatterer's one way eldest scatters the other way and im sitting with lil man who think its ok to just get up and get what he wants whenever he feels the need to do this on a ship with a billion people i don't know...NOT!!!!

i ask: what would you like to eat they have every thing you could imagine, Italian ,Chinese, Japanese, salads, burgers sandwiches...

he says: Pizza..ohh and French fries...

I say: really we have pizza all the time there is so much good food here..

he says again...PIZZA..

ok so im not gonna fight with the 8 year old so pizza it is! i walk around to go get my food and all he wants to do is be allowed to walk around by himself because hes old enough and the other kids are doing it.. HELL FREAKING NO!

We finish eating and we hear that our cabins are now ready, now mind you Its myself my husband and 2 kids..well one is 18, and like 6 feet tall the other is 8 and 4 feet tall im only 5 ft and hubby like 5'5. We make our way to our cabin that's on the forth floor, how bad can that be .. well the area our cabins were in were kind of hidden sooo it went like this..go to the 4th floor get off elevator go up to the 5th floor by the stairs walk alll the way down the hallway to the next set of stairs go back down to the 4th floor goo all the way down the hallway and then we would find out room! We open the door a s see this:
(ohhh what i forgot to mention was there is a kids club on board tat opend at 8 pm and stayed open untill 1 am so moms and dads can get some fee time to hang out on there own...So ok 8 pm lil man will go make some friends and mom and dad will destress.... Yeah BABY we have a plan)

Really we are literally on top of each other.. Ohhh well lets put our stuff down and go meet up with our friends..TO THE POOL BAR..yes its like 55 degrees out.. But guess what the pool are open and there are people in them people on the deck bar is filling up and its really not that cold out..yet

So after about an hour of lil man asking me if he can go swimming please mom please ..mommmmm please i cave in only to find out i don't have his bathing suite.. OK think THINK WOMAN, what di i do,,yes ill take i pair of the PJ i brought and cut them, that was the most logical thing to do..because his ans was "mom cant i just go in in my underwear?) thats an 8 year old thinking for ummm no..we cant do that..We cut the PJs into shorts

This is a happy child



Now as you can see everything is open and people are having a blast, again it was 55 degrees out!! and my hubby was up at the bar so im chasing him around form pool to pool, and then he says he want to go on the slide..ok so now we go over there and you figure a slide they get on and fly down,,well not my child

Ok so now comes time to dry off and go get warm and have dinner because remember its a family vacation and im the only one did that work?? 
So now we all decide to meet after dinner at the pool bar and will go on from there..Ohh wait i forgot to mention that we had to go to the on board safety class to be shown how to put on a life jacket just in case.. While we are in there my husband casually mentions to me that hes not sure if hes gonna be able to handle this trip as for the boat was really rocking...BUT WHAT I HAVE NOT TOLD YOU YET IS I WAS REALLY FEELING SEA SICK BUT WAS INSISTING IT WAS MIND OVER MATTER.
SOOOO lil man wants to go play in the arcade. this consisted of a room maby 2 of our rooms put together long ways and it was about 900000000 degrees in there and this is where it started..The feeling in my stomach, the rocking of the boat and everything around me was in my face..NO NO i wont let it over come me ill deal with it..well ill try to anyway... OK YEAHH ummm no i need to get to my room as fast as i can cause its gonna happen, yup it was gonna happen 

I tell my hubby i got to go now, im sweating my hands are clammy im turning green and just feeling really well sea sick, we make it back to the room and i jet into this bathroom that was as big as the smallest closet i have ever seen and this is when i had the most incredible feeling that I JUST WANTED TO DIE BUT THE REALIZATION THAT I WOULD NOT AND THIS IS CALLED SEASICK.... My husband asks me are you ok..DO I LOOK OK?!?!?!?!? no , no im not so he says OK let me go to the desk and get you something to make you feel better, with this lil man is jumping on the bed top bunk to bottom bunk and all i could do was say..please please stop momma feels like crap, with this hubby returns and says before i go lets try something.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? lets just walk down the hall to see if we can get your sea legs .. no no no no i just want to lay down, but i tryed , to just show him this is not gonna work and guess what i was right i just wanted to close my eyes and sleep.. its now been 2 hours of hell and i just need my head to stop spinning.. 
Finally i get some Dramamine and well it was like magic 10 min and i could actually open my eyes, and was starting to feel like a human.. but not 100 % at this point the kids had eaten and we took lil man to the kids club and we decided to go eat and meet some of our friends.. All and all it was a good trip despite the fact that i was doped up the entire trip on Dramamine kids had fun  and so did we..We played Bingo, Deal or No Deal and Bingo again..won a few things ..Had a great adult only dinner,
 And a few drinks, went to the casino and lost some money ..ohh well and went to bed woke up and it was time to go home!!! Land ..I LOVE LAND



Saturday, March 09, 2013

He's 18... Really ...omg how did this happen

Ok so my baby is 18!!! What... Yeah I know I don't look old enough to have an 18 yr old .. Hmmmm how the fuck did that happen? Lol well lets see he was like 8 yesterday ohh and do you know what happens when they grow up ?!?!?!?! They want to have freedom, well that freedom means I don't sleep and I need my sleep! This is not an easy transition for me and I don't like it cause we are really just starting to get along .. Like he won't fight me when I ask him to do something and he talks to me open n honestly(I have even overheard him say my mom is the coolest mom, she's chill) !!! He's not Afraid to sit and watch my girly movies with me and he even will just hang out for the hell of it!! But this only just started. For a while it was all about his friends and I was just mom who's annoying the shit out of him with ...where are you going?who gong to be there? Is there going to be an adult there? What time will you be home? How many people are there? ahhhhh I NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF!!And I'm sure in his mind I was just being annoying and not giving him his privacy and being that mom.. But the day he turned 18 was an extremely hard day for me I felt so happy but really sad at the same time. It's funny cause I can't go to sleep till I know he's home safe and that's now getting later and later. I did not sight up for this whole worrying every mn of every day every hour is he ok? What's he's freiken exhausting !  I have been through hell and back with him I was 19 when I became a mom and have never looked back  we have been put to the test a lot  together and LOVE him more then anything in this world that we live in. From the day I found out I was pregnant to him we faced challenges I never thought possible! ok we'll time for me to go to bed.. I love you to the moon and back kiddo...

Friday, March 08, 2013

My Friday Night ..Yeah its exciting..NOT

I went to get my nails done today and what an experience i had!! i needed to change nail places because i did not like the job that the previous place had done so i figured i would go to one of the 2000mother ones on main street, yes every town has a main street..hehehe ,anywho.. i pick this place named Jane Nails.. where not one person can speak English very well..well actually none that i have been to speak English very well but par for the coarse. so i go in and tell them i want a fill in, cause ya now i have tips, well if ya didn't you do now! The man who i now know as sunny says ok sit down here, and the wife walks over looks at my nails and she gets all nutty and starts talking reallly fast looking up and down and i get a ohh shit out if it and she walks away.. ummmm ok so WTF are you going to do my nails or not?!?!?!? Sunny says ohhh no worry i do i do..ok you do you do well lets get doing please i dont have all night i still have to go food shopping! ANOTHER TASK I HATE!! So he stars working on my nails and working and working hes all ohh shit and some other choice words alot of Chinese stuff and just all and all its actually kinda funny.. So i finally ask what the problem is and he says you nails bad.. who did you nails..and the wife chimes in with i could not even look at then they did such a bad job!! UMMM THIS I KNOW THAT'S WHY I CHOOSE TO NOT GO BACK . So two and a half hours later im finally all finished and they look FANFUCKINGTABULOUS

Its pretty but im over it

SNOW.. like i said, im over it!! We need to go south! We will go south in about 9 years. We have a so i got to go out side and clean off my car this morning and yes i was in my PJ's..why cause that's how i roll..hahah

So i figured id show you some of the pics i took this morning....

This is my backyard this is where i sit when it sunny and warm and cozy  and where i go when i need alone time away from my crazy house but somehow i always get found.. Hmm i think i need a better hiding place..heheheheheh

ok Crazies have a good one and be safe...

Good Morning on the snow filled day..BEFORE ANYTHING..COFFEEEEEEE PLEASE....ok now  i would like to hear some of your rants and raves,(because before the coffee i cant function) it good for the soul to vent, and prevents the kids from getting yelled at(lol) so please leave me some comments under here and let me know how your crazy day is going..smooches....

PS..nobody is up in my house yet im sure ill have something for you later..heheheh..Probably about my car that has snow piled on top of it....:)

Do tell us about you.....

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Seriously this is just how i feel..

PROCRASTINATION!! That's what its like every day in my house after school! HW time just plain out sucks! Its a fight every freaking time! Mom can i have a snack when we get home, sure you can Can i watch some TV while eating my snack yes you can you have 30 min then we will start HW.. ok mom, 20 min goes by and i give a warning ..10 min... NOW you know that in the next 10 min something will happen to stop the HW from getting started...ok times up, wait i have to go to the bathroom.. ask you a question sharpen my pencil, WAIT can i watch TV and do my HW???? PLEASE.. NOOOO JUST DO YOUR FREAKING HW!

Now he asks me for help and I'm all for helping but WHAT THE HELL kinda math is this? Spider Math.. Add this to that minus the other one to get the new number only to find out i could have added  2+2 and gotten the same answer! Are you kidding me.. He's in 3rd grade! Its not rocket science!! All i know is why are we teaching kids all different ways when there is no need for it? Did you know that they want to stop giving kids vocabulary words... Then they wonder why cant they read on the lever they should be at? Um well lets see how are they going to read if there is no vocabulary words to do? WHAT THE HELL..

Another thing that boggles my mind is this.. they're on vacation more then they go to school.. Out of 180 days they have school there are 29 vacation days, not including the possible snow days and or emergency days sick days so on and so forth.

So needless to say I'm just ranting on cause well i can and i feel like it LOL if ya don't like it well it is ...


Morning at my house

Morning my crazy friends..

ahhh back on schedule!! back to work today and my day started off as usual.. get up( hey that's a plus) lol, feed the dogs, do the dishes get the lil man up and ready for school..ohhhh boy this is is alawys interesting and can go one of 2 ways good or OH MY GOD IS IT BED TIME YET??? ... today went well in the middle as for he has been home for the past few days sick.. my husband was still home sleeping at 8 am cause he has to work late tonight never the less at 8:05 am i hear mom, and i don't ans cause im trying to get to the stairs without yelling and ans at him then i  hear MOM.. to which dad yells HEY..enough screaming already.. uggg he woke up sleeping beauty..great..hahaha i know he has to work so the convo goes like this

mom can you make me carnation instant breakfast?

sure please get dressed though

ok (i hand him this drink and say please get dressed)

now mind you i go down to finish up the dishes and expect him to be dressed when i return up to shower( yeahh ok in an alternate universe) So i make my way up to get showered and low and behold hes laying in bed..

um i asked you to get dressed

he says : ohhhh you meant now i thought you meant to lay in bed and watch tv and get dressed at 8:46...

8:46??? when i get out of this bathroom im gonna be ready to go please get dressed..

ok mom, as he climbs back in bed


Frustrating as it is im sure most kids will try it its just mine will push it to the

This is there beginning of my crazy day.. lets see what happens after school..

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A lil dancing is always fun

As much as they drive me crazy we do still manage to have a good time! Jason is a football player and he plays pretty well for a 8 year old! But now that the season is over and it was a crazy one 3 practices a week 2 hours at a practice with a game on sundays and being a PTA mom for his elementry school being a mom full time as well as working full time ohh did i mention i was the Team Mom also.. yeahh just another thing i decided to tack on, along with that i took on the task of Spiritwear for our school(NEVER AGAIN as for i just had to much on my plate).

This was the Titan Dinner and Award Ceremony! A lil dancing to end the season is always fun!!

Really..i cant

You know its bad when you walk into CVS and the pharmacist says We should rent you a bed, you have been here alot lately! Hmmm ya think.. Its winter and my kids get sick more then any kid i know. And not with the cold we get shit like Scarlet Fever and coxsocki and Mononucleosis, Sarcidosis(That one is all me). We don't ever just get a cold. The past two years have been especially bad in this house and not just the kids this is myself included!

Ok so this is how my week started, Sunday night because you know kids cant get sick during doctors normal hours, We ended up at PM Pediatrics, so we go in and the place is packed..Apparently all kids like to get sick at night. So we walk in to the office and sign in, oh they tell me have a seat so i look around and sit between a family with a hacking 15 month old and another one with a wining 5 year old who has a ring pop that hes waving around, this was better then the crying child across from us the screaming toddler on the other side of the room and the snot dripping child who was staring at us. So i decide i was going to pass the time by reading a magazine until they call us but they only had 2 of them and guess what..they were both pregnancy ones! Seriously ..uggg ok well now they bring us in the room and the nurse takes a weight and height brings us in the room and asks all the normal shit that they ask..blahh blahh blahh and with this my son starts telling her his life story how sick he is why we are there and shows him the spots he has. She proceeds tell us"ohh it looks like Chicken Pox". Now for all you moms out there you know as well as i do as soon as you say it the kid will run with it. And he did, So now the doctor comes in and he now tells the doc He HAS Chicken my surprise the doctor looks him over and says Well i think he is right, so here is some medication ohh and when you leave please do not pass go do not collect 200 just straight out the door. HOLY SHIT... the chicken pox???? he was vaccinated how did this happen? We go home take the medicine and go to bed. The next day I'm thinking about this and just had a feeling. So i called his regular doctor and made another appointment. Did i forget to mention that my older son had strep throat 2 days prior? Any way we go to the doc who is looking at us like chicken pox.. she was not convinced, Actually neither was i! I tell her what happened and she looks at him dose a quick strep and lo and behold.. its positive..The rash was from Strep, and it looked like the pox acted like it BUT WAS NOT IT!!

So needless to say i have been stuck in the house for 3 days with a child who is sick, but not sick where he is in bed(thank god) but is complaining at me IM BOARD mom..All i have done is stuff my face with all sorts of junk food so i figured i would keep my fingers busy with this blog!