Friday, March 08, 2013

My Friday Night ..Yeah its exciting..NOT

I went to get my nails done today and what an experience i had!! i needed to change nail places because i did not like the job that the previous place had done so i figured i would go to one of the 2000mother ones on main street, yes every town has a main street..hehehe ,anywho.. i pick this place named Jane Nails.. where not one person can speak English very well..well actually none that i have been to speak English very well but par for the coarse. so i go in and tell them i want a fill in, cause ya now i have tips, well if ya didn't you do now! The man who i now know as sunny says ok sit down here, and the wife walks over looks at my nails and she gets all nutty and starts talking reallly fast looking up and down and i get a ohh shit out if it and she walks away.. ummmm ok so WTF are you going to do my nails or not?!?!?!? Sunny says ohhh no worry i do i do..ok you do you do well lets get doing please i dont have all night i still have to go food shopping! ANOTHER TASK I HATE!! So he stars working on my nails and working and working hes all ohh shit and some other choice words alot of Chinese stuff and just all and all its actually kinda funny.. So i finally ask what the problem is and he says you nails bad.. who did you nails..and the wife chimes in with i could not even look at then they did such a bad job!! UMMM THIS I KNOW THAT'S WHY I CHOOSE TO NOT GO BACK . So two and a half hours later im finally all finished and they look FANFUCKINGTABULOUS

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