Thursday, March 07, 2013

Morning at my house

Morning my crazy friends..

ahhh back on schedule!! back to work today and my day started off as usual.. get up( hey that's a plus) lol, feed the dogs, do the dishes get the lil man up and ready for school..ohhhh boy this is is alawys interesting and can go one of 2 ways good or OH MY GOD IS IT BED TIME YET??? ... today went well in the middle as for he has been home for the past few days sick.. my husband was still home sleeping at 8 am cause he has to work late tonight never the less at 8:05 am i hear mom, and i don't ans cause im trying to get to the stairs without yelling and ans at him then i  hear MOM.. to which dad yells HEY..enough screaming already.. uggg he woke up sleeping beauty..great..hahaha i know he has to work so the convo goes like this

mom can you make me carnation instant breakfast?

sure please get dressed though

ok (i hand him this drink and say please get dressed)

now mind you i go down to finish up the dishes and expect him to be dressed when i return up to shower( yeahh ok in an alternate universe) So i make my way up to get showered and low and behold hes laying in bed..

um i asked you to get dressed

he says : ohhhh you meant now i thought you meant to lay in bed and watch tv and get dressed at 8:46...

8:46??? when i get out of this bathroom im gonna be ready to go please get dressed..

ok mom, as he climbs back in bed


Frustrating as it is im sure most kids will try it its just mine will push it to the

This is there beginning of my crazy day.. lets see what happens after school..

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