Saturday, March 09, 2013

He's 18... Really ...omg how did this happen

Ok so my baby is 18!!! What... Yeah I know I don't look old enough to have an 18 yr old .. Hmmmm how the fuck did that happen? Lol well lets see he was like 8 yesterday ohh and do you know what happens when they grow up ?!?!?!?! They want to have freedom, well that freedom means I don't sleep and I need my sleep! This is not an easy transition for me and I don't like it cause we are really just starting to get along .. Like he won't fight me when I ask him to do something and he talks to me open n honestly(I have even overheard him say my mom is the coolest mom, she's chill) !!! He's not Afraid to sit and watch my girly movies with me and he even will just hang out for the hell of it!! But this only just started. For a while it was all about his friends and I was just mom who's annoying the shit out of him with ...where are you going?who gong to be there? Is there going to be an adult there? What time will you be home? How many people are there? ahhhhh I NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF!!And I'm sure in his mind I was just being annoying and not giving him his privacy and being that mom.. But the day he turned 18 was an extremely hard day for me I felt so happy but really sad at the same time. It's funny cause I can't go to sleep till I know he's home safe and that's now getting later and later. I did not sight up for this whole worrying every mn of every day every hour is he ok? What's he's freiken exhausting !  I have been through hell and back with him I was 19 when I became a mom and have never looked back  we have been put to the test a lot  together and LOVE him more then anything in this world that we live in. From the day I found out I was pregnant to him we faced challenges I never thought possible! ok we'll time for me to go to bed.. I love you to the moon and back kiddo...

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