Monday, March 11, 2013

The awww he looks like a wet.....

Ok so it was time once again to give the dog a BATH..yes he was stinky! lol, I dread this because it usually involves me getting a bath also. And to be quite honest hes not a fan of it either. But it had to be done..

This is not a happy puppy, he would not even look at me before it he looked every way but at me and then tried to book out the door, and if you can tell its not open but he was willing it to open!!

 Once he was in the bath he never moved
it was like he was glued to the floor or something
I swear he was waiting for me to just let out one big shake, ya know the kind that wets the entire bathroom along with you..

        I know what your thinking and you can say it ..                                                                           HOLY SHIT HE LOOKS LIKE A RAT
But you have to admit he is one cute puppy once hes clean!!

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