Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Really..i cant

You know its bad when you walk into CVS and the pharmacist says We should rent you a bed, you have been here alot lately! Hmmm ya think.. Its winter and my kids get sick more then any kid i know. And not with the cold we get shit like Scarlet Fever and coxsocki and Mononucleosis, Sarcidosis(That one is all me). We don't ever just get a cold. The past two years have been especially bad in this house and not just the kids this is myself included!

Ok so this is how my week started, Sunday night because you know kids cant get sick during doctors normal hours, We ended up at PM Pediatrics, so we go in and the place is packed..Apparently all kids like to get sick at night. So we walk in to the office and sign in, oh they tell me have a seat so i look around and sit between a family with a hacking 15 month old and another one with a wining 5 year old who has a ring pop that hes waving around, this was better then the crying child across from us the screaming toddler on the other side of the room and the snot dripping child who was staring at us. So i decide i was going to pass the time by reading a magazine until they call us but they only had 2 of them and guess what..they were both pregnancy ones! Seriously ..uggg ok well now they bring us in the room and the nurse takes a weight and height brings us in the room and asks all the normal shit that they ask..blahh blahh blahh and with this my son starts telling her his life story how sick he is why we are there and shows him the spots he has. She proceeds tell us"ohh it looks like Chicken Pox". Now for all you moms out there you know as well as i do as soon as you say it the kid will run with it. And he did, So now the doctor comes in and he now tells the doc He HAS Chicken my surprise the doctor looks him over and says Well i think he is right, so here is some medication ohh and when you leave please do not pass go do not collect 200 just straight out the door. HOLY SHIT... the chicken pox???? he was vaccinated how did this happen? We go home take the medicine and go to bed. The next day I'm thinking about this and just had a feeling. So i called his regular doctor and made another appointment. Did i forget to mention that my older son had strep throat 2 days prior? Any way we go to the doc who is looking at us like chicken pox.. she was not convinced, Actually neither was i! I tell her what happened and she looks at him dose a quick strep and lo and behold.. its positive..The rash was from Strep, and it looked like the pox acted like it BUT WAS NOT IT!!

So needless to say i have been stuck in the house for 3 days with a child who is sick, but not sick where he is in bed(thank god) but is complaining at me IM BOARD mom..All i have done is stuff my face with all sorts of junk food so i figured i would keep my fingers busy with this blog!

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