Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seasick --the feeling your going to die with the realization that your not



OMG , I have to tell you all about our small family vacation that we went on! We had been planning this cruise for a few months and hell i know it was a 2 day thing and 9t was the middle of February but its a vacation..with alll ffree food..kinda! the morning starts off with me getting up very early cause 1 im so excited i can not wait and 2 i have to get the pups out and feed and  to the sitter,feed the cat, the Bearded dragon make sure all laundry was done dishes away all before 8 am! ehhhh thats a normal thing for me every morning, without taking the pups to the sitter every morning, that's only a vacation thing. OK now that that's done we need i need to get the kids up and make sure they are ready to walk out the door because i don't want the hubby to get upset! Cause travel with him can be kinda tricky and i have learned over the years that getting kids totally ready to walk out the door so when he is ready to go we just getting the car..YES ITS ALOT OF WORK to get out of the house and that was all before 9 am!!! So now  2we get to our meeting place and meet up with the rst of the crew who is going on this shindig and get on the bus..AHHHHH im so ready for this a family vacation!!! Bus ride there was uneventful and that was good, when pull up to the SHIP and OMG its HUGEEEEE!!! We are all just ready to get on the ship. So now my Hubby myself and the 2 boys and all of our luggage(yes i know its only 2 days but i need options) i need theses shoes with this shirt and those shoes with that pair of pants..heheeh my oldest had a bag so small i was wondering if he packed all he needed.. and for my youngest i packed his bag. My Hubby on the other hand has turned into a girl in the past few trips and took everything he owns 17 pair of socks 12 pair underwear every tee shirt and pants he owns.. LMAO so we get on the ship and wow there are hundreds of people looking the same way we did WHERE DO WE GO??? So like every normal family with children you head straight to the ..Food with luggage in tow..So we make our wy through the crowd and look for a place to sit and well guess what the only tables that were open were for 3 year olds so what do we do we plop our asses down into the seats and gooo ahhhhhh ok no what to eat..hubby scatterer's one way eldest scatters the other way and im sitting with lil man who think its ok to just get up and get what he wants whenever he feels the need to do this on a ship with a billion people i don't know...NOT!!!!

i ask: what would you like to eat they have every thing you could imagine, Italian ,Chinese, Japanese, salads, burgers sandwiches...

he says: Pizza..ohh and French fries...

I say: really we have pizza all the time there is so much good food here..

he says again...PIZZA..

ok so im not gonna fight with the 8 year old so pizza it is! i walk around to go get my food and all he wants to do is be allowed to walk around by himself because hes old enough and the other kids are doing it.. HELL FREAKING NO!

We finish eating and we hear that our cabins are now ready, now mind you Its myself my husband and 2 kids..well one is 18, and like 6 feet tall the other is 8 and 4 feet tall im only 5 ft and hubby like 5'5. We make our way to our cabin that's on the forth floor, how bad can that be .. well the area our cabins were in were kind of hidden sooo it went like this..go to the 4th floor get off elevator go up to the 5th floor by the stairs walk alll the way down the hallway to the next set of stairs go back down to the 4th floor goo all the way down the hallway and then we would find out room! We open the door a s see this:
(ohhh what i forgot to mention was there is a kids club on board tat opend at 8 pm and stayed open untill 1 am so moms and dads can get some fee time to hang out on there own...So ok 8 pm lil man will go make some friends and mom and dad will destress.... Yeah BABY we have a plan)

Really we are literally on top of each other.. Ohhh well lets put our stuff down and go meet up with our friends..TO THE POOL BAR..yes its like 55 degrees out.. But guess what the pool are open and there are people in them people on the deck bar is filling up and its really not that cold out..yet

So after about an hour of lil man asking me if he can go swimming please mom please ..mommmmm please i cave in only to find out i don't have his bathing suite.. OK think THINK WOMAN, what di i do,,yes ill take i pair of the PJ i brought and cut them, that was the most logical thing to do..because his ans was "mom cant i just go in in my underwear?) thats an 8 year old thinking for ummm no..we cant do that..We cut the PJs into shorts

This is a happy child



Now as you can see everything is open and people are having a blast, again it was 55 degrees out!! and my hubby was up at the bar so im chasing him around form pool to pool, and then he says he want to go on the slide..ok so now we go over there and you figure a slide they get on and fly down,,well not my child

Ok so now comes time to dry off and go get warm and have dinner because remember its a family vacation and im the only one did that work?? 
So now we all decide to meet after dinner at the pool bar and will go on from there..Ohh wait i forgot to mention that we had to go to the on board safety class to be shown how to put on a life jacket just in case.. While we are in there my husband casually mentions to me that hes not sure if hes gonna be able to handle this trip as for the boat was really rocking...BUT WHAT I HAVE NOT TOLD YOU YET IS I WAS REALLY FEELING SEA SICK BUT WAS INSISTING IT WAS MIND OVER MATTER.
SOOOO lil man wants to go play in the arcade. this consisted of a room maby 2 of our rooms put together long ways and it was about 900000000 degrees in there and this is where it started..The feeling in my stomach, the rocking of the boat and everything around me was in my face..NO NO i wont let it over come me ill deal with it..well ill try to anyway... OK YEAHH ummm no i need to get to my room as fast as i can cause its gonna happen, yup it was gonna happen 

I tell my hubby i got to go now, im sweating my hands are clammy im turning green and just feeling really well sea sick, we make it back to the room and i jet into this bathroom that was as big as the smallest closet i have ever seen and this is when i had the most incredible feeling that I JUST WANTED TO DIE BUT THE REALIZATION THAT I WOULD NOT AND THIS IS CALLED SEASICK.... My husband asks me are you ok..DO I LOOK OK?!?!?!?!? no , no im not so he says OK let me go to the desk and get you something to make you feel better, with this lil man is jumping on the bed top bunk to bottom bunk and all i could do was say..please please stop momma feels like crap, with this hubby returns and says before i go lets try something.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? lets just walk down the hall to see if we can get your sea legs .. no no no no i just want to lay down, but i tryed , to just show him this is not gonna work and guess what i was right i just wanted to close my eyes and sleep.. its now been 2 hours of hell and i just need my head to stop spinning.. 
Finally i get some Dramamine and well it was like magic 10 min and i could actually open my eyes, and was starting to feel like a human.. but not 100 % at this point the kids had eaten and we took lil man to the kids club and we decided to go eat and meet some of our friends.. All and all it was a good trip despite the fact that i was doped up the entire trip on Dramamine kids had fun  and so did we..We played Bingo, Deal or No Deal and Bingo again..won a few things ..Had a great adult only dinner,
 And a few drinks, went to the casino and lost some money ..ohh well and went to bed woke up and it was time to go home!!! Land ..I LOVE LAND



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