Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It was a good weekend...

So the hubby and i have not had any time with each other in a long time..Par for the course..we are parents and thats the way it is! But we decided during the week that WE were gonna go on a date! lol yup.. a date! We started the evening out by eating dinner a panera..  i had a soup and salad, they have the BEST steak and blue cheese salad and the creamy tomato soup with bread on the side.. ohhh yeah it going right to my ass..lol but who cares..it was good.. The hubby had a bread bowl with broccoli and cheese soup.. We actually got to sit and  have grown up conversation..heheh as opposed to talking to the dog or an 8yr old all night.. It was really vey nice..I love the fact that our kids are getting older because we dont have to be on top of them all the time and we are less stressed!

A friend of mine said to me that now they the kids are getting older and they dont have to be on top of them every min of every hour that her and her husband have to learn how to have conversation all over again, and boy is that true, but i find it fun and refreshing.

Any way after dinner we went to the movies to see Die Hard..and by the way the movies are not cheap anymore..
Seriously it was a pretty penny but worth it..lol and the drinks were ginormous!!

Ok so i love popcorn, and i like it with alot of butter on it lol ya know the healthy way..heheh anyway he comes back with 2 medium drinks(1 litter each) and the biggest popcorn bucket i have ever seen(and it was a medium also) But the best part was this stuff you sprinkle on top ..Kettle Corn flavor...OHHHHHH MY GOD!! It was finger licking good...every time we finished a layer of popcorn we added more to it!!.(like a billion calories)

Needless to say it was great to have a night with the hubby and i highly recommend getting out of the house with out the kids every once in a while before you look like this...

Ok friends ill see ya on the flip side and stay crazy my friends life is to short to sit on your ass and be lazy..lol well sometimes thats good to..

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